Hey guise!1!1!

Well my teacher told me i had to go to submit a load of homework today that i had been missing, yet i didnt complete it. But i had to return another kids notebook, which the teacher clearly said i had to bring in today.
When i woke up i puked over 5 times.. 1 even contained blood! Well Im much better now and the doctor gave me some meds, my teacher is going to call up my parents, and they dont know about my unfinished work, projects, and assignments.

How do i get out of this?
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All work done though.

Turn it in then.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

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All work done though.

So what's the problem?
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Doesn't sound like a big deal to me. You'll be ok, just explain the situation if it comes up. I never did homework at school and it didn't make a scrap of difference so yeah... don't even worry about it.
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I hope so cuz, my parents are strict when it comes studies, and if they find out that ive been messing around for the past month ill be in trouble.. big time. And ive got 2 gigs coming up