None of my examiners have ever really liked Garry moore. I've played a few of his songs. 'Still got the Blues' a few times.

They always say 'interesting choice, lets see how you interperate that'

The time I played it exactly like him: That was ok.. now onto technical stuff
The time I played it 'in the style' of him: well done, your interpretation conveyed his feel and used his embelishments. All round well done.
The time I completely changed it and made it more jazz: A+

= If you do one of his songs be sure to change it and give it you're on style. He generally only uses chord tones and the pentatonic scale, with a lot of bends. which is not super impressive.

= Most examiners are more impressed with jazz. A lot of schools are also more jazz orientated.
It's interesting you say that mdwallin, because in the course I'm doing, I had to learn a few pieces for a tech exam and one of those was Still Got The Blues. Then again, the course I'm doing is an Associate Degree of ROCK Studies...
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