A more complex topic, but from my knowledge the brain has two sides cross wired, so the left hand side of your brain controls your right hand and the right hand side controls your left hand. As I was told on a double bass masterclass, the left hand side of your brain is the logic part and the right hand side is emotional/creative, hence your right hand is the logic and your left the creative one. The guy then went on to say that we play the double bass, and actually any string instrument wrong because we want the logical hand to hold the notes and put emotion into bowing (or plucking, slapping etc...)

I also heard that a left handers brain is the other way round e.g. left hand logic and right hand emotion. I am left handed but play all my instruments right handed, does this mean that I'm a perfect balance? :S However this does mean i cant pluck fast due to the fact that my right hand isnt as strong
I'm going to come out and say that he's full of crap. There is NO supporting research to suggest left handed people are more creative and whatnot. Why? Because creativity cannot be measured. We also use both sides of the brain equally.

van Gogh and Rembrandt- right handed painters. Two of the most famous in history
Kurt Cobain- left handed, creative... couldn't play guitar for sh*t.
Me- academic and a musician, can't use my left hand effectively in anything but playing music.
Hundreds and thousands of left handed people forced to use their left hand. Example- my mother, who seems to be a logical person as opposed to creative in the classical sense.

So, from that small example, we can surmise that right handed people can be just as creative, that left handed people can be just as logical as right handed people, that creative people can suck at guitar, and that motor skills can be learned. The brain is far too complicated to define that those who use the left side favour one type of thinking more. It is also impossible to define creativity, and creativity often goes hand in hand with logic- scientists coming up with novelt ideas to tackle experiments and questions for example.
sorry mate, I don't mean to be offensive and if read into my statement doesn't say anything about left-handers being anymore creative, just questioning about the differemt sides of the brain. I wanted to know what other people though about it saying that left-hadedness should theoretically be a good combo for playing right handed instruments, however this is more so with bowed instruments and for guitar/bass i find it more difficult BECAUSE im left handed and play right handed. I find it hard to do fast picking/fingereing because my right arm isnt as powerful as my left, however i find it impossible somehow to play left handed guitars :s

However i dont think left handed people are any more creative, there are m any examples of creative people for both, my question was refering to the fact that left handers brains are apperently the opposite way round to that of a right hander. Apologies for any misunderstanding.
i would say the only advantage of actually being left handed is actually in learning righty instruments.

I find it much much easier to play righty as my dominant hand copes much better with the patterns of tabs and i feel much more what could you say in control than i am when i was made to play guitar left handed in music by a teacher who thought he knew absolutely everything -_-
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My post delves into the entire overall thing- your "teacher" stated that logic and creativity can be linked to the different hands, thereby the implication is that left hand= right brain=more creative. My post does answer your question- theoretically, logic and creativity are NOT linked solely to sides of the brain or handedness, so it's silly to consider that your problem is not because you're using the "wrong" hand. You simply need to practice more. It also stated that motor skills can be learnt for either hand.
Your teacher read an article (which I can't seem to find right now) about right and left handed dominance and playing instruments. He got it a bit mixed up though. There is a school of thought that says that left handers should play left handed instruments because the dominant hand is the creative hand (it controls tempo and sound) which the less dominant hand does the technical work of fretting notes.

There are also degrees of hand dominance--my husband is left handed. My son is right handed (writes with his right hand) but he throws a frisbee or ball with his left. My son can play both left and right handed instruments, my husband can't without difficultly.
I'm left handed and play right handed, and don't worry, I rock.

You'll be fine!
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Anyone can do this guys!

The man who stated that we use the wrong hand for plucking and/or fretting is correct.

I am right handed, played guitar right handedly for almost two years, then discovered Jimi Hendrix, who most guitarrists ignore and couldn't tell me from their own experience why he was considered by his audience the best that ever was. Even the head writer for Rolling Stone if I asked him couldn't tell me why Hendrix was considered the best because people haven't decided to find out. Once my mind opened to his art it changed my life for ever to say the least, his playing literally induces alpha waves your brain and puts you into a clinically hypnotic state.

Then I kept trying to play right handedly and pulling my hair out, every single day without even the feeling that I was walking in the right direction, of the skill Jimi had developed. Finally when I by accident held the guitar pointing to the right I decided to restring it, because after all that's how Jimi played it and did that.

I played it like that for two or three days not thinking much about it. I remember walking outdoors however and being reminded of the guitar, then it hit me, "I am LOOKING FORWARD to coming home and playing the guitar, it actually feels good to think about".

Since then Ive only listened to artists, instrumentalists that play their instrument left handedly and you know what? Its almost always superior music. Albert King's music/playing is lightyears better BB Kings will ever be, Kurt Cobain was indeed a skilled guitarplayer, listen to the music yourself, was it bad? Was that why so many people loved Nirvana? Im only telling a brief part here, there's much more to it, basically the science of this is that the creative, right hemisphere of the brain is the creative one and we should strive to develop that part of the brain and/or the corpus callosum which is the between part that musicians have a bigger, more developed piece of, but I am convinced that had Hendrix's remains been autopsied and his brain studied Im sure that his Corpus Callosum was the most developed that we'd ever seen.

Painting, shooting, playing pool, everything should be done left handedly because we must develop and/or widen the entrance to the never-ending treasure of creativity which exists in all of our brains. Look at right-brained dominant people, they are hilarious, Bill Burr, the comedian is a right-brain dominated man because he is what Dr Paul Dobransky calls a Magician archetype, basically a "funny person".

Once again, I AM RIGHT HANDED, but I've started doing everything left handedly because it develops, or increases the corpus callosum/ right brain you can get into the science if you want but studies show that left handed people have less chance of brain disease in elder years due to a more even distribution of hemispheric activity.

Here is an article stating that performing things with your left hand increases creativity, once again I AM RIGHT HANDED but perform as much as I can oppositely, or left hand dominantly, (by the way I have no stand towards the claim in the article that lefties should do stuff with the right hand, I have no experience here)


Finally I will state that if this is ignored, whatever, but if it is not then I predict that guitarrists, righties, (such as myself) will want to lynch me, because when I made a post about this when I discovered this you people called me everything, and you can do that, but lets face it, its not an intelligent approach, is it?

Please start playing left handedly because listen to Atahualpa Yupanqui, Toni Iommi, Cesar Rosas, any lefty you can think of and you will notice that it does indeed more variable, that anyone can do this and if we all did this, the world would have more variable music and art in general and the most dedicated ones could become the next Hendrix.

Anyone can do this!
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Waiting for the stink storm to hit. If this is ignored, then fine otherwise, any approach but an intelligent one is a waste of your own time
A creative individual using their right hand will be creative. An unimaginative individual using their left hand will be unimaginative. An attentive individual using either hand would not necro 4 year-old threads.
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