I was doing my usual bout of piracy the other day, picking up some more good music, and downloaded what I thought was a cover of One (by Metallica) performed by Children of Bodom. Instead I got a cover of one performed by a band I don't know that definitely is NOT CoB. Does anyone know who recorded another version of One? I did a little Wikipedia research and came across a band called Sonata Arctica, but according to the site they've only covered it live.
You know how sometimes you get the feeling that nobody's really listening?

Yeah, welcome to the internet.
Look up Heavy Metal Covers on the torrent sites. A friend of mine found downloaded and gave me 4 or 5 - 4.5 Gig discs with nothing but covers done by heavy bands. I don't have them here to check and see whos does what but I look later. I was amazed at what some of these bands cover and do not only do they cover other heavy bands they cover some odd choices like Abba and put a death metal grindcore spin on them.