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Hey everyone! This has been asked a million times before I know! So I'm going to put a stop to it & create a NEW What Song Thread! Where people can ask ON the thread what song people would suggest. So give me some song ideas & I shall form a list when I have time (probably on Thrusday so I have a variety of songs!).

When submitting a song please set it like this (just makes it easier for me):

Skill Level:

& If possible, please post the link for the tab (it would make my job SO much easier!).
Or if you simply cannot be bothered setting it out like that. Just list some songs!

Thank you!


Anyone who wishes to help me actually get this done, PM me!
Any help is much appreciated.
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I'm gonna stick this for a while and then link all the "what songs" threads together.
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I'm gonna stick this for a while and then link all the "what songs" threads together.

Okay .

Any ideas?
I have a recommendation:

Artist: Bob Dylan
Song: Don't think twice its alright
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
Skill Level: Intermediate

Im looking for a nice bluesy song, slow and fun to play. Definitely ok with slide! would actually prefer it.
Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Song: I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Tuning: EADGBE (capo on 5th if you want to play it perfectly)
Skill Level: Intermediate fingerpicking (easy when you can get the pattern)

One of, if not my favorite acoustic song to play.


Heres some really good songs. Don't know the skill levels though.

1. Opeth - Coil
2. Scorpions - Lady Starlight
3. Joe Walsh - In The City
4. John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack and Diane
5. The Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels "Open E: E B E G# B E"
6. Shinedown - 45
7. Pearl Jam - Better Man
8. R.E.M. - Man on the Moon
9. Alice In Chains - Man in the Box "Down a 1/2 step"
10. Seether - Plastic Man "Drop D tunning"
11. Foo Fighters - Let It Die
12. Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome
13. Skid Row - 18 and Life
14. Rod Stewart - Maggie May
15. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
16. Boston - More than a Feeling
17. Opeth - Windowpane
18. Toadies - Possum Kingdom
19. Tesla - Signs
20. Better Than Ezra - Good
21. Nirvana - Lake Of Fire
22. Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good
23. The Outfield - Your Love
24. Los Lobos - La Bamba
25. 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
26. War - Low Rider
27. Breaking Benjamin - So Cold "Drop C: C G C F A D"
28. Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
29. Stone Sour - Through The Glass
30. The Cars - Just What I Needed
Woah! Thanks Rodney_Rocket!

Just so you all know, a preview of the New What Songs Thread will be up soon (Just to see if you all like its layout etc.). The actual new one won't be up for a month or two, to allow me to have time to edit and stuff.
I'd suggest not mentioning skill levels, as some styles are harder for different people, and it's quite subjective, and then people start classifying themselves as "Well I'm a beginner-intermediate guitarist, because I can play songs that UG has dubbed beginner-intermediate" and then elitism goes on. What we could do instead is say what genre the song is in, so if someone asked for some classical songs, we could give them a list, they could listen to the songs, and then decide for themselves which ones they could/will learn.

I'll suggest stuff though.

Buckethead- Who Me (Early Version) - This is a kind of Chet Atkins style thing.
Buckethead- For Mom (Early Version) - Fingerpicking. 12 string as well I think.
Buckethead- Wishing Well - Acoustic soloing over rhythm chords
Buckethead- Big D's Touch - Very melodic song with only about five motif's throughout. The challenge for this one is getting the right dynamics, timing, and legato.
Rise Against- Swing Life Away - Acoustic punk, powerchords, mutes, etc. You'll need two guitars to get the full sound (as there are two different parts), though you can do fine with one.
Rise Against- Roadside - Acoustic punk. Not many powerchords actually, but a few broken chords. Again, two guitars for best effect.
Led Zepellin- Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Classic rock, varies from arpeggios to chords.
Death Cab For Cutie- I'll Follow You Into the Dark - Indie. Nice and simple fingerpicking.
Iron and Wine- Boy With a Coin - Fast fingerpicking, only three different chords played throughout the song, and two are quite quite similar.
Iron and Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Calm fingerpicking.

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Thanks for the help everyone! It'll take a while for me to do this thread (due to coursework etc.) but it will hopefully be up by end of the year!

Anyone that wants to help out, just message me
Hmm....I'll supply some worship/church songs since the last one had about 3 in the link. Just don't feel like doing that at the moment. Having a pretty lazy day.
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isn't this thread for acoustic songs only?

acoustic & classical!
but i might get round to electric or bass soon aswell..
just got a lot to do recently.
but im also sorting out other threads about popular asked questions!
Artist: The Clash
Song: Spanish Bombs
Tuning: Standard
Skill Level: Intermediate

Not too hard if you can do barre chords, and lots of fun to play. Sounds great on acoustic.
Opeth - Benighted - intermediate
Opeth - Face of melinda ... - int
Opeth - Patterns of the Ivy II - easy -- supreme acoustic melodies
The Black Dahlia murder - Closed casket requiem - yes, on acoustic... Drop D...sounds really kickass!
any recos for metal songs on acoustic....
Artist:Andy Mckee
Song:For My Father
Tuning:ECDGAD Capo 3rd
Skill Level:Intermediate
Foo Fighters - My hero
Hotel California - Eagles
Toxicity - System of a Down
Love Hurts - Incubus

those are my favorite songs to play on my acoustic
Artist:Tommy Emmanuel
Tuning:Standard capo 2nd
Skill Level:Out of earth
Artist: Christy Moore + Shane MacGowan
Song: Spancil Hill
Tuning: Standard (I prefer no capo but some people put the capo on 2nd)
Difficulty: Easy

Brilliant traditional Irish song, I seriously suggest looking into it. Great song.
"I want a drink"

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Artist - Three Days Grace
Song - Never To Late
Tuning - Drop D
Skill Level - Beginner
Artist - Led Zepplin
Song - Stairway to heaven
Tuning - Standard
Skill Level - Intermediate
Artist: unknown
Song: Romance -Romanza
Tuning: E standard(EADGBE)
Skill level:beginner

I am looking for an intermediate classical song that is a fingerstyle version of a rock song. Like what Edgar Cruz does to bohemian rhapsody....
I am looking for an intermediate classical song that is a fingerstyle version of a rock song. Like what Edgar Cruz does to bohemian rhapsody....

Metallica did a whole album like that I believe they called it acoustic metal and its basically some of there songs redone acoustically (duh) but theres a cool version of the four hoursemen its not fingerpicked but its awsome.....

Any way I got some rock/metal songs for everyone I know theres another thread with some songs on it but I have quite a few songs it dosnt include some arnt that metalish some arnt that acoustic but meh.

Black Label Society: Sold My Soul
Zakk Wylde - Throwin' It All Away
Randy Roads: Dee
Paul Gilbert: Scarified
3 doors down: Cryptonite
Black Stone Cherry: Peace Is Free
Dire Straits: Sultans Of Swing
Disturbed: Darkness
Rodrigo Y Gabriella cover of Metallica's Orion (Very Awsome)
Led Zepplin: Stairway to heaven
Limp Bizkit: Behind Blue Eyes
Iron Maiden: Journeyman
Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden: The Clansman
Bruce Dickinson: Tears of the Dragon
Megadeath: The Hardest Part Of Letting Go (The Intro)
Metallica: One
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters
Metallica: To Live Is to Die (parts)
Metallica: Bleeding Me
Metallica: Fade To Black
Metallica: The Unforgiven
Metallica: Battery (intro)
Metallica Fight Fire With Fire (intro)
Mudvayne: Do what you do
NickleBack: Photograph
NickleBack: This Afternoon
NickleBack: Rockstar
Rammstein: Rotor Sand
Red Hot chilli Peppers: By The Way
Red Hot chilli Peppers: Dani California
Slipknot: Snuff
Slipknot: Vermillion Part 1 and 2
Staind: Outside
Stone Sour: Through The Glass
Stone Sour: Bother
System Of A Down: Chop Seuy
System of a Down: Lonely Day
Pretty Much everything written by Tenacious D
Trivium: The Storm (intro)
Lynard Skynard: Sweet Home Alabama
Lynard Skynard: Tuesdays Gone
TESTAMENT This This And This
as well as The Ballad and The Begining Of The End
oh they also do a cool as acoustic cover of there song Over The Wall

Anyway thats all I got for now
Well...I must say everyone needs to know: staiway to heaven by led zep, schism by tool, and one by metallica.

Artist: Coheed and Cambria (not sure if thats spelled right)
Song: Welcome Home intro (and, no, this is not what you think it is)
Tunning: Standard
Skill Level: Beginner

Artist: Iron Maiden
Song: Children of the Damned
Tunning: Standard
Skill Level: Beginner

thats about it. Although I have discoverd that some people can play both guitar pieces to the "nothing else matters" intro by finger-picking the other open strings (those people are the real guitar gods!) *_*
@MetalBreakdown I think Welcome Home is actually a half-step down, if I'm thinking correctly.


Artist: The Beatles
Song: Blackbird
Tunning: Standard
Skill Level: beginner-to-intermediate finger-style
Artist: Bright Eyes
Song: "Lua"
Tuning: Standard/Capo 7
Skill Level:Beginner

Artist: Jeff Buckley
Song: "Mojo Pin"
Tuning: Drop-D
Skill Level: Intermediate

Artist: Nick Drake
Song: "Pink Moon"
Tuning: Open Cadd9/Capo 4
Skill Level: Advanced
Artist: unknown
Song: Romance -Romanza
Tuning: E standard(EADGBE)
Skill level:beginner

I am looking for an intermediate classical song that is a fingerstyle version of a rock song. Like what Edgar Cruz does to bohemian rhapsody....
Wow... in the month I've been gone I've got a lot more replies.

Anyone fancy helping me out with the thread?
Dragonforce-Trail of Broken Hearts(acoustic version)
In Flames-Come Clarity Drop A#
Slipknot-Snuff Drop B standard
Seo Taeji-Heffy End Drop C or Standard(standard tuning tab and chords coming up)
Enter Shikari-Adieu drop C#
Killswitch Engage-End of Heartache(acoustic version) Drop C
Nirvana-Polly D# standard(half step down)
Nirvana-Jesus Don't Want me for a sunbeam D# Standard
Seo Taeji-October 4th
Bad Religion-Cease
Bad Religion-Sorrow(acoustic version key note G)
Final Fantasy X theme-Welcome to Zanarkand
Rikki-Suteki Da Ne
Final Fantasy X-2 theme-1000 words
Joanne hogg-Pain
Coldplay-Viva La Vida(capo first fret standard tuning)
Creed-My Own Prison(Drop D)
Creed-One Last Breathe(standard)
No Brain-Addicted to you(standard)
Lazybone-Do it yourself ( ) ( standard )
Lazybone-??? ( ) Drop D(tab coming up soon)
Lazybone-??? ( ) ( standard ) (tab coming soon)
Artist-Pink Floyd
Song-Wish You Were Here
I enjoy Music

Pink Floyd
Is there anybody out there
your insane, but reasonable

Anyone who wishes to help me actually get this done, PM me!
Any help is much appreciated.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
I could have lied
My friends

Simple man (cover)

Smashing Pumpkins

Collective Soul
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