I've been thinking of getting a new amp lately, but since i do not have the monetary means to do so, i thought of using my laptop as FX pedal/amp; Not only could i simply dial in any desired effect, but i could record it, which would be just splendid. I had heard about it online and i thought I'd give it a try. Although sounds simple, I've tried many different things but nothing works for me right now. Someone had suggested to download Reaper and the FreeAmp3 plugin to use with Reaper. I tried to do that, but i have no idea how to install and/or make the plugin work. So know, i have Reaper installed on my laptop, and have FreeAmp2.5 and FreeAmp3 in zipped folders. If anyone could tell me how to use FreeAmp with Reaper[If not possible, with what freeware could i use it] and NOT recommend Minihost, as it is malware, i would appreciate it greatly, thank you.

PS: I'm looking for James Hetfield's[Of Metallica, i'm guessing everyone knows that] tone, so i don't know if that changes anything, but if you could link me to something that tells me how to set freeamp to similar sound settings as Hetfield[One for each album? If not, I don't know, settings for Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, Death Magnetic, and Load/ReLoad. MAYBE The Black Album. I don't play too much of Kill 'Em All or ...And Justice For All and definitely not St. Anger, lord knows why ], i'd appreciate it too, so once i actually GET to use freeamp, i wouldn't have to tweak it for 5 hours to get the right tone.
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No. It will not work.

For starters, any distortion created without an amp and speakers sounds terrible.

More importantly though, unless your laptop is super expensive or has a solid-state drive, the internal noise they all produce will make it impossible to get a usable recording without using a really loud amp or a good mixer or preamp, or something to make sure you're feeding it a ridiculously loud signal.
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Unless its electronic drums.

i use a crap ass toneport and pod farm to make demos when i'm on the road, so it's possible (and there are much better systems - hardware and software - out there that make it a breeze)... if that's what you're asking. don't expect miracles though. the end result will be a poor facimilie of the tone you're going for, and it will come across as quite sterile, and your noise floor will be nutz (high, very high). but if you're just looking for something to play around on and record your ideas until you have a better rig, this should be fine.
Okay, never mind the recording. Lets say i just want to practice with a good Hetfield rhythm tone, because i am FAR from reaching that tone through my amp. Is there a way i can plug my laptop between my amp and my guitar, so i can tweak it to a hetfield tone, and have it sound better? I have that cable i was saying[1/8" to 1/4", both male ends], and i also have a female 1/4" to male 1/8" adapter which i can connect to a regular instrument cable, which i have plenty of. Is there a specific freeware that can help me achieve that? If so, link to safe download, and how-to thread would be appreciated.
Whats life worth if you're not willing to take any risks?~
um, yes and no. yes, it's possible, but you're going to pay for re-amping gear, and without knowing what amp you use, i can only assume it's a project destined for failure.
My amp is a Fender Studio 85, that's all i know. I've looked on it for how many watts its got, but never found it. Only displays the Input power[120V~60Hz 200Watts]
Whats life worth if you're not willing to take any risks?~
i would forego reamping your studio85... either just use your amp and save for one that gives you the tone you want, or use your laptop+software+interface. the combination of the two isn't going to give you hetfield. i'd advise you take a more traditional approach to building your rig, even if that means you'll have to save for longer.