I've heard a few things about this amp but I've only played the model version on the vypyr. Can anyone tell me about its tone, sound, and how well it will hold up for a gig?
Any other things about the amp are welcome. I actually would like to know the bad things about this amp so I'll just have a heads up
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Isn't the 6505 1x12 combo like.... not out yet?

Its out...but only in limited amounts...and all the reviews I've seen were from overseas. Haven't seen anybody from the US with one yet.
6505 combo 2X12 is a 60 watter. dont know about the 1X12. i had the 6505 combo. the speakers are garbage and i think the combo is voiced differently than the head. noisy and and very bright. again, alot of that could be fixed by changing the speakers(v30's), noise gate in front, and some jj tubes. also.... that amp is super heavy and hard to move around.
There both 60 watt.
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Yeah I wasn't impressed with the 6505 212 combo either...So heavy and bulky, it was a pain. We'll just have to see how the 112 combo holds up.
I really need to find a tube amp that suits me and it's been hard to find any advice so I looked into this amp cuz I've heard it's good.
Any suggestions for a good tube amp? I play metal like Lamb of God, Slayer, Behemoth, stuff like that