Hello everyone! I'm mainly a guitar player but sometimes I like to play so bass! So I was looking at GC website and I found this


Is it as bad as the Spider? I don't want to buy it, I'm just wondering

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I have the LD150 and absolutely love it. Really good cleans take some time to get simply because on my version theres like 7 EQ knobs, but my god the grind channel is absolute sex. Never heard as awesome bass distortion as from that thing.

The clean channel.... Is well, clean.

You can definitly get some good cream style tones from the brit channel, or with a pick and some EQ'ing you can get it to so pretty br00tal.

I don't really like the rock channel, It's hard to get a good sound out of it imo.

The R&B is sort of like the clean channel, but fatter and bassier.

I would probably give it 4 stars (My LD150... Don't really know about the 15), It's thousands of time better then the spiders though.
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For the price you can get something much better. I think a Fender Rumble 25 is about the same price, and it's 10 watts louder.
i had a LD 150. they sound alright, decent practice amp but for the price you could get somthing better. i got rid of mine when i got my warwick and the speaker couldn't handle that thing at loud levels. if i were you i'd grab this

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They're ok for what they are. I wouldn't compare them to the spiders simply because its for a totally different instrument, but I guess i could say it sounds better for bass than the spiders do for guitar.
In all honesty though, I'd save up for something better. If you're looking for a certain sound, get something made for that sound, not something made to emulate a wide variety.
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Had one in college and personally I didnt like it.
I much preferred going straight into the P.A system with the vocalist!
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