Who else loves Jimmy Reed? I think he is really under appreciated and get's kind of tossed off to the side, I don't see his name in the pantheon on blues gods very often. He is my favorite blues artist, I could sit and listen to his stuff all day. For me, Jimmy Reed is the blues.
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I've only recently started listening to his music, and it's great, very easy to listen to and enjoyable. Definitely not the biggest name, maybe partly to do with his rejection by Chess, and signing with a now lesser-known label? I don't know. Maybe not the most talented blues musician, but for me a very emotive one.
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yeah he's tight :] real lazy playing style and cool voice - love him
I first heard about him on a Muddy Waters Album "Live at Mr. Kelly's" when Muddy introduces "You Don't Have To Go" with "I'd like to do a Jimmy Reed song for ya..."

I started checking our his music as a result, but haven't really listened to it much lately. Reading your posts makes me think that I should start listening again. Thanks for the reminder
He oozes charm and class and thankfully he has a reasonably large catalogue of recordings. Instantly recognisable style too. Bright Lights, Big City has been featured on a current UK tv car ad so I've noticed there's been a small boost to his profile.

Beautiful music.