Ive ben playing guitar for about a year now, with my Harley Benton Hb 20g, and theres nothing to complain about really, but...

But if i want to play with my friends, it wont do it. I simply need a louder amp. Furthermore i would like to get a better sound metal 'vise', and just get a better sound all around.

Ive have been looking on the Harley benton HB-80R, and its about the price i want to spend, but couldnt find any information on it.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a good amp for me, or do you know if the HB-80r is a good choice for me?


-A good metal sound, fx. it should be able to make a Metallica sound or such.
-Loud enough to play with a band.
-Budget: around 150-350 Dollars.

Thanks in advance .

Really, man, I think you should just hang on for a bit. 150 - 350 will probably not get you enough of an upgrade to satisfy you - better to just wait until you can get something really nice.
if your wanting to play with a band you will need 30watt minimum (or 15watt if its a tube amp)

have a look at the Roland Cube 30X or the Peavy Vypyr 30
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