Hi there guys, just started to learn guitar and i bought a cherub guitar tuner, its worked fine since the summer, but recently, it wont pick up the 2B note when i try to tune it, when i pluck the string 2B it says it's 3G string
is there anything i can do?
or can i tune the note to a slightly different frequency of 3G, that would sound the same as 2B normally does...
not sure if this makes sense, first post here, thanks for any help you can provide
make sure it's on "guitar" if you have a "guitar/bass" selection switch and also be sure it's on 440 or standard/no flats. Other than that, just tune the B up/down until it picks it up. That's a very odd problem, though, I would return the tuner if it persists.
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thanks for your immediate help, much appreciated
hopefully this will be the start of a long career (if you can call it that, playing in free time) playing guitar, and was reccomended this forum ; )
i bought the guitar in Rio de janeiro, after a friend there showed me his and taught me a bit
i live in Milan now, perhaps i'll just take it to a guitar shop this week
yes it's very strange, the light doesn't come on at all for B note... it was fine before, it's only 3 months old the guitar so i'd hope it doesn't need new strings already, wasn't very cheap...
and to the second reply, thanks also, it's a cherub tuner, several people reccomended me to this tuner as it was very simple to use, i got it off a private guitar accessory shop off ebay, not sure i can return it after several months
might just have to bite the bullet and cough up for a new one
best idea to take it to a guitar shop?
thanks a lot
thanks guys, really excited about the coming months and year learning guitar
at the moment learnt G, C and D major... now trying to learn how to switch chords so i can actually play a song...
any tips for this? or is there a section in the forum for beginners tips? if so point me that way, if this isn't the place
One very good exercise is to set a stop watch for 1 minute and change between the G and D chord (or any two chords of your choosing) as many times as you can in one minute and record the number of times you can do it and try to get faster every day. Start on G, strum down once, making sure it's clean and all the strings ring out, then switch to D and strum once cleanly again. If you do it this way you will actually be able to see your progress on paper and it will help motivate you. Do this between all the chords you know to learn to switch between all of them well.
Pretaining to the topic of strings, your going to have to replace those at least every three months, its reccomended to replace them every month, but if they last for 3 months then its a good pair of strings. But replacing strings often regardless of the quality of the guitar is just a fact of being a guitarist. If I had a $5000 Gibson I'ed still have to replace the strings every month to maintain good tone.

^ what roughdraft274 said, thats a really good excersize.
No one has mentioned the obvious first thing to do, which is to change the battery in the tuner. If it's weak, it can mess up on you. Try this first before thinking about buying a new tuner. And 3 months is getting up there for a set of strings, especially if you play daily. If money is an issue, or availability, save up and put a set of Elixirs, Cleartones, or D'Addario coated strings on. They cost a bit more up front, but last quite a long time, in excess of 3 months.
I used to swear by the Elixir nanoweb phosphor bronze strings, but since have grown to like and rely more on Martin SP's.
i agree 100% with LEFTY DAVE, also try borrowing a TUNER and compare the resuts
Except that you've got that shifted up one too many frets. That F chord should be barred across the first fret, not the second.
when i pluck the string 2B it says it's 3G string

"Tune it up" to B not G lol

That is if it isn't the battery and or tuner.