i play guitar but are kahlers on a bass useful? i know les claypool uses one, but as a rythmic instument is it useful?
It's kind of an indulgence thing. There not really necessary for anything, but they sure are fun if you have one. If you have the extra cash lying around, and you have a bass your comfortable routing to fit the bridge in, why not? Otherwise, not really worth it
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as a rythmic instument is it useful?

No, definitely no. But only if you play bass rhythmically. If you play more melodically or, like me, shred, they can be great. I'm having one installed right now (should be done late this week. So excited!).

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They're far too expensive.

They're not too bad actually. I mean the 2400's are, but the Hybrids aren't too bad. $250 is what I'd pay for a nice pedal. They can cost $200 or so to install though (including set up), but it depends on who you have do it. And plus, the guys I asked REFUSED to route it by hand. They said it was too nice a bass (to be fair, it was ) and insisted on using a template, which is apparently why it cost so much. Still, that's not much different than having any other bridge installed that requires routing.
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