Hiii iv had a problem with my low E string for awhile now, iv tried new strings bt i still have this roblem.

its hard to explain so bare with me.

basicly on a guitar tuner it says its in tune however when i play it along with other strings it sounds out of tune and really quite horrible.

i have no idea what it could be, once a friend told me why it was and how to fix it unfortunately i forgot what he sad, can someone please help me?

no its not the wrong octave, its not massivly obvious sometimes but when u play some notes especially with a capo on it sounds horrible
chances are the capo itself is actually pulling it out of tune
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yea it could be tuned to the octave below, does the string feel slack?
or maybe your tuner is just piss poor.
if its the capo, just retune after you apply it, as cheap capos have a nasty habit of putting more pressure on the lower strings so they sound sharp.
it could be that the capo is shit yes but it still doesnt sound right without the capo, the capo does make it worse tho, it cant be in the wrong octave becase if i tune it to the next E im pretty sure it will snap, and make it alot tighter than my A string. and its not the tuner as i can tune with my ears.

soz for hassle.
when open it sounds ok, my ears arnt great tho so it might still be a bit dodgy, but it sounds alot better open than when i play any note on it yes.
sounds like poor intonation on at least one string of your guitar. you may need a compensated saddle or it could be something else.
ok thankyou, what is a compensated saddle, where can i get one from? can i use something that is possibly free? lol
the part that is just below the tuners could be the problem. if it is raised to high or to low or has come out of place. i have seen that before. or it could be somthing with the bridge. try looking at it from the side and see if the other strings are the same hight as the E string cause it sounds like the E raised
it doesnt look alot higher =\ however i do remember the word intonation which means thats the problem (: anyway i can fix this? preferably without paying?
not really. maby cutting some of the piece away to lower the string, but that sounds like something i would do, right before i regreted doing it.
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sounds like poor intonation on at least one string of your guitar. you may need a compensated saddle or it could be something else.


Sometimes though it can be just your ear. There was a time when whatever guitar i played i could hear the g string louder than the rest..Got really bloody annoying. Anything i played all i could hear was G G G G G....

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