Train just came out with a great new CD, and I would like to play along.

Here's the tracks I am requesting:

"Save Me, San Francisco"
"This Ain't Goodbye"
"Breakfast in Bed"
"Marry Me"

Thanks for you help!

I was looking to find chords for This Ain't Goodbye too and was quite surprised that there are none up, given that the album's been out for a while now and it's a really nice track.

Anyway, spent a few minutes trying to transcribe it by ear, and as far as I can tell most of the song is just an F# G#m D#m C# progression, but the piano seems to have a constant right hand pattern with a changing baseline, so it would probably sound better playing the above chords as x79900 x99900 9x9900 7x9900 with capo 2 (fret numbers relative to capo). Listen to the song for the timing of the chord changes.

Tried playing along with the song as well as singing over the progression (some ridiculously high notes in there!) and it sounded ok, so I thought I'd share. Anyway, hoping someone will come up with a much better arranged version of this song for guitar soon. Cheers!
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