well... i've searched and couldnt find anything useful... UG really needs an ultimate cable thread IMO but i'm too busy to make one now :P

I'd like to know which cable brand has the cleanest sound, which brand makes the most reliable cables ( the ones that don't die if you step on them :P) and things like that..

Another issue i came across was the problem with connectors (jacks ) jacks do not pop, which are known for good durability, which have the cleanest sound

A mate of mine linked me this site where you can buy things like that, but i dont know shit about cables http://www.schulz-kabel.de/shop/ so i need some suggestions

i'd also like somebody who has ever used AMPHENOL connectors to share some info.... are they good? bad?

Best regards Serjem )(
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For guitar cables I use Monster, and for speaker cables I use Planet Waves.