Hey, pit (primarily people from Boston Area) I have to do a research assignment and I'm in a bind here so if you could take a few minutes of you time to help me with this i'd really appreciate it. (i know it's lame to come to the pit for homework help but normally i wouldn't revert to this, so please keep the b.s. to a minimal)

Basically i need 5 guitarist or bassists from the Boston area (with sub-urbs ect) of different age groups who could tell me where they bought their first guitar, what kind was it, how much they spent on it, and how old they were when they bought it.

Um, also i need to include age and Full name on it, but you can P.M. me that too if you don't mind. i really need help on this or else i'm never going to have time to do it. so thanks in advance.
true. Well yeah I can help you out. Does it have to be a purchased guitar cause my first 3 guitars were all free?
Nope, if you got it for free, that works too. just gotta say why you got it free
I can help if you like; I got my first for free, too, though...
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