I wanna use it on my pinkie. I have a Dunlop w/ ring size 9 but its kinda loose fitting cuz i have skinny fingers. Should it be tight fitting? And should it cover the whole pinkie or just down to the knuckle, so i can still bend the finger?
Whatever you prefer. Go with what is most comfortable for you. Mine is pretty loose as well when i use it on my pinky, but thats not a problem i guess. Try using it on your middle finger as well, sometimes it can be more practical. Syd Barrett used his Zippo lighter but don't do that unless you wanna light your cigarette while playin'.
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I use a glass wine bottleneck, it's pretty tight but that's how I like it.
A slide should fit on your finger.

If it doesn't fit on your finger, use another finger.
If you find that it's not tight enough, cut a length of cloth about as wide as a bandage and wrap it around your finger to achieve a tighter fit. That's what I do when I'm playing with the slide on my pinky. Otherwise, like imgooley said, use another finger.