i'm not a big fan of ibanez's starter stuff. i had a GAX70, and it held together pretty well for a while, but about 3 or 6 months in it really kind of fell apart. i'd recommend looking into used made in mexico fenders (you can find them as cheap as $250-$300) or some of the mid range squiers.

if you can find a store to give you a decent warranty on the ibanez it should be alright, buy paying for the guitar AND the warranty and you'd be getting pretty close to being able to buy a better guitar.
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i played one when i was testing amp's to buy, it was decent, i have a gsa60 which is a starter ibanez and i highly recommend it!! no joke i went to guitar center yesterday, and actually preferred my ibanez to a bunch of $500 guitar's, it's damn good, and pretty durable too.
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