I want to buy a new guitar but i can't make up my mind on which one should i pick.
I can'te decide between the LTD E-50 and the Stagg L400 BK. I'd be thankfull if someone can tell me which one is better considering that i play mostly punk. Please be specific about these 2! Don't tell me which guitars i'd rather buy instead of those 2 :P

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I've heard some good things about the Stagg and it looks good to I would get it.
I would say if you're playing mostly punk it isn't going to matter much anyway really. I'm seeing nothing about either guitar that is really any better than the other aside from the ESP is made of basswood and the other is made of alder. I say just flip a coin lol.
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Both are low end guitars but I wouldn't say the suck there are much worse out there. Truthfully I would pick the Stagg over the LTD I like the specs much better and I have played some Stagg L400 guitars that were not bad at all. I would recomend upgrading the pups at some time. The Stagg L400 while only getting two reviews on Harmony Central they were both good.


I can't really give much of an opinion because I only played a few used but they seemed OK to me.

The problem is when buying these low end guitars you need to try them out first.