so im lookin to take a trip within the next four years (whenever i raise the money) and i have never been to another country besides the US so.....my question is what country would be best for me to visit?

I love history especially anything havin to do with medieval times, so anywhere where some castles are or somethin.

i would like to visit somewhere that has a significance to me. my two main heritages are german and irish. my ma's side of the family is almost one hundred percent irish hence the old family name McAndrews, and my biological dads is mainly german hence my last name Dreher. Yes i know there is a lot of mixing in their and there is no way i can be exactly sure but i am pretty sure that these are my main heritages.

I dont know really what germany has to offer but i dont know much about it, ireland has some old castles and stuff so im thinkin maybe ireland? but im not sure, what do you guys think? price doesnt matter here. i thought this would be a good place to ask beings that UG has people from many different countries.

thanks for any recomendations!
I was going to suggest a British country before I read your post, so seeing as you're Irish, that'd be a good idea.
Bruge, it's in Belgium, and theres midgets.

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Dont come to England, its shit
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Bruge, it's in Belgium, and theres midgets.

yes but Belgium kinda sucks (trust me) and basically any european country has castles and medieval buildings. But why no go to both ireland and germany
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I thought this was about drugs

+1 who else came in here expecting a drug story?
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Dont come to England, its shit

I loved England when I went there.

I'd take a little tour of Holland, Belgium, Germany and maybe Switzerland or Austria if you can.
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I would go somwhere in the northern parts of europe like finland, Norway, Sweden, etc.
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Well Ireland is a great place to visit, it's small enough that you can see a lot of it on a short trip but there's still plenty to see and do. Even with just a couple of weeks you could get round most of Ireland, including coming up north!
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Bruge, it's in Belgium, and theres midgets.

I lived in Belgium for eight years, it's not at all that special. And the midgets do get boring after some time.
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+1 who else came in here expecting a drug story?


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