ok so i was wondering, what whould you do if you just found a podcast with a lot of episodes, whould you watch the lastest episodes and work your way backwords or work yourway from oldest to latest or listen to the latest for that week (weekly podcast) and once you have listen to that work your way up the back catalogue

Its just i found the giantbomb podcast and they allready have more than one hundred episodes and i want to listen to the latest news but not miss any of the older stuff.

What would you do?
You are free to do what we tell you.
I'm kind of OCD when it comes to things like that. It has to be in order, oldest to newest.
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It depends maybe go back ten episodes then work forwards for 10, then go another ten before and listen so there is still some continuity but you are getting the more recent stuff too. So basically if they are numbered do the 90s then the 80s then 70s etc

You've got to have a system.