Throughout their career, Deep Purple has maintained their "rock" moniker. They've always said they aren't heavy metal and whatnot.

But the songs they play ARE heavy metal songs. Examples: Burn, Child In Time, Highway Star and others.

They say they're rock but are they really? They should be classified as hard rock/heavy metal. What do you think?
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I'd say they are more rock.
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Deep Purple are not metal. They may have some hard rock songs, but I'd just call them a rock band.
Hard Rock and Metal have a fine line, but i find that Hard Rock has more a bluesy feel to it
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I think Deep Purple is similar to Led Zeppelin in the aspect that although they're not "metal"-they have absolutely greatly influenced the genre.
I would count them as hard/classic Rock. Sure, they greatly influenced metal, but if you compare them to metalbands they sound pretty sweet and nice. Anyway, Deep Purple is awesome.
They're classic rock / hard rock. They could be metal depending on how you look at things though I guess. For instance, back in the day Zeppelin and Van Halen were considered "heavy metal", which is nothing like the metal that's being produced today. It's more like hard rock than anything, I'd say.
They are rock songs, but they influenced many metal bands.
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I think Deep Purple was slightly darker/heavier than most bands at the time, but I wouldn't define them as metal by today's standards.
Ha Deep Purple is way too good of a band to be considered heavy metal haha.

Jk I like some metal bands just pretty much nothing made after the 80's. Idk if Deep Purple is metal or not and I couldn't give a rats ass. Its good music it should just be left at that, the best bands are the ones that are hard to categorize, so yeah dude.