hey guys
I was recently listening to a few bands that sounded really great in terms of their low end when i looked up what the players were using an dhow they were playing, alot of them, to my surprise, were using heir fingers(surprised because it was pop-punk).

Anyway, I know how to get a really great picking sound for myself. I use my P bass, boost the highs and lows a bit, and obviously use a pick.

I don't know however, how to get a good tone when using my fingers. Im actually better using my fingers but I choose to use a pick becuase i can never seem to get a great tone using my fingers.

How do you guys EQ in order to get that low, creamy finger tone? All i can seem to do is super punchy, hard-biting, picked.
Cut the highs and lows.
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get rid of your low mids. not completely, but you dial em out, you get a nice solid punch. boost the bass and high mids, leave the treble flat.
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