I've seen the Peavey Valveking, and Bugera V series, but what sounds good on its own and takes pedals well. My needs vary from Metallica-like distortion, and AC/DC like distortion, which are two totally different sounds. What I am thinking about getting is and amp that does one sound(kind of) well, but can take pedals(such as an OD, distortion, or EQ) well to get closer to the tone I am looking for.

I will eventually be able to try out the Valveking and V series, and from Youtube videos I've watched, I think the Valveking sounds good for Metallica when EQ'd right(There was one video I watched where a guy was messing with the EQ and got great Ride The Lightning-esque sounds).

I have also heard with the Valveking, it sounds much better with new speakers.

But for the Bugera V series, I have not seen much other than hearing of some reliability issues. Can anyone tell me how common these issues are, and how the V series sounds and take pedals(I know the V5 doesn't have an effects loop).

-Thanks a million

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The Valve King benefits greatly from a speaker change. Haven't played the Bugera, but from what I've heard they seem to be decent amps for the money. I haven't seen many problems with them either (not nearly as many as the early 333 and 6262's had).