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Whos Slash?
18 7%
2 1%
1 0%
2 1%
10 4%
5 2%
26 9%
123 45%
42 15%
46 17%
Voters: 275.
i was watching Kerrang and it came up with a fact about Slashs age not what you expected
Sarcasm is beautiful, think about it.

How would you not expect that?
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i was watching Kerrang and it came up with a fact about Slashs age not what you expected

He's 44...

He's been in the music business since the late 80's....
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I think it's much more surprising that he's from Stoke-on-Trent

Edit: And what is this 'suprising fact' about his age?
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Seriously, did you think he was 14 or what?
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44, in the middle of reading his auto-biography.
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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

wtf? I thought he was 25!
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who's splash

and yeah I knew how old he was.
Considering Appetite for Destruction came out well over two decades ago, it's not even remotely surprising.
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I immediately thought 48 so I went in the opposite direction with that one.
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This is Kerrang. The majority of its fans are nullified to any music before this decade, and anything that isn't from this decade they probably think that it is.
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Slash looks about as old as he is, really.

Someone who does not age is Brian May.

Brian May in the seventies -

Brian May in 2008-

The man is 62 years old!
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Whats satch got to do with this? Who the **** is satch?

You don't know who Shwhiluiouatch is?
Slash is 12 and what is this?
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...how old did you think he was? This is pretty common knowledge for any fan of him.
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this is the internet. we dont need to guess anything.
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i read his autobiography so i knew the answer, and hes from stoe on trent is weirder
I didn't really know his age, but it just seemed right to pick 44.
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44. I can use wiki too.

A cunning TS would have vandalised it to make him 67 or something.