Hey everyone, please help me if you can I just got my POD Studio UX2 today and I came home installed the driver / pod farm / gearbox and I loaded it up and when I play all which comes out are crackles please help I'm really at my wits end with this
This happened on one of my computers... it wasn't powerful enough to run pod farm.

Perhaps try another computer?
I've used a different usb driver which is classed as a filter and now it seems to work okay, from time to time it starts crackling up, i think maybe the usb isn't powerful enough to power it?
Try the aiso4all drivers. They work very well. They improved sound quality when I used guitar rig through cubase while keeping the latency the same.
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Its not exactly sound quaility it just seems like its not working.... I'm only getting crackles and pops, can't hear my guitar at all
I phoned Line 6 tech centre and they told me the problem...

Basically if you have an AMD Turion processor expect to have lots of problems with the POD Studio and related Line 6 products like that. I've took it back to the shop got a full refund so everything sorted now. Thanks for the help everyone