I'm starting to learn more and more about sweeping and stuff, and now I came over a lick that I can't do, It's really difficult for me. The problem is what fingers I'm going to put on what fret and string. How would you guys play this:

Little finger of the 18th fret, index for the 13th, and ring for the 15th. You roll your ring finger over the three strings, one at a time.
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that doesn't seem too hard for me. But i don't have a guitar with me. Just do what Daddy Two Foot
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Only with an attitude like that; it's a pretty standard major sweep shape.
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Rolling could be the only part of sweeping that can be annoying when your first learning it...take it slow first and build speed obviously
you can change the fingering sometimes so that you don't have to roll. If i had a guitar with me i'd post a tab.
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You should be rolling either your ring or middle finger along the 15th frets. This is the most difficult part of sweep-picking, but it'll become fairly easy after a little practice. This isn't something you can easily be told how to do though; it's best if you have someone show you. In any case, though, you have to start out extremely slow, so you can work on muting the strings that aren't supposed to be ringing out. I hope that helps. PM me if you need any more help. :3
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