Hi I want to get some Grover locking tuner for my MIM Strat. My original tuner are the hexagonal one with 2 pegs in the back. Will the grover fit in exactly without drilling any new holes?

Your best bet for a direct retrofit are the schaller/fender locking tuners. I don't have experience with the grovers you mention, but the fender/schallers on my MIM strat are great, and they required no drilling etc.

Hope this helps
I don't have any experience with grover ones but they need 10mm holes, and they have a 45 degree offset screw I think. I put some GFS 6 inline tuners on my douglas and it holds better than my grovers on my agile.
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a lot that i see are the one where i would have to drill hole in the back for the screw....i dont think im any good with that and want to avoid it as much as possible...is there any other ones with just 2 peg in the back
I know it's not a MIM, but when I replaced the tuners in my Squire, I installed grover sized tuners, which were a lot bigger than the stock vintage style tuners. The grover style tuners only used one screw on the back, and when I reamed the main hole for the shaft and mocked all the tuners up, I found out that I could reuse the holes that were already drilled in the headstock. After that I used some maple colored wood filer to fill in the 6 unused holes on the top and it was as good as new.
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