So I bought a ZOOM7.1ut with the intention of using it to record stuff on my pc, and spent about 2 hours reading the manual(alot of terms I dont understand) and I have absolutely NO IDEA how to use it.

Can someone help me please? I already tried googling how to use, but I could'nt find anything.

Now im not even sure what it is used for actually, I just want to record stuff
1.Plug the power cord into the pedal.
2.Plug the power cord into the wall.
3.Plug one cord from your amp to your pedal, one from the guitar to the pedal.
4.Turn the power on.
5.Mess with it and see what sounds come out until you've gotten the hang of it.

It's a multi-FX pedal, not an interface, which is used specifically for recording to computer. It's designed to give you numerous pedals in a single package as opposed to chaining them individually.
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