These questions deal with the Peavey Vypyr 15, but it should be the same as the other versions.

1. Okay so I know how there are 12 different amp models, and when you click the thing in it turns red and those 12 amp models now have more gain. When you go into the pre-gain/EQ/post gain, are you customizing one of those amp models? Or are you making an entirely new sound? For example, could you take the amp model with the most gain, click it on red to put even more gain, turn the pre gain to the top for even MORE gain, and then tweak the EQ for even MORE gain, and then turn the post gain up for EVEN MORE gain?

2. When you go into edit mode, are those setting automatically saved onto a model, or do you have to save it into the preset bank to save your settings? If I just wanted to experiment with different effects on an amp model, switch to a different model, and come back to the previous one, will those effects I used before still be there?

3. How does the effect mode really work? There is stuff above the dials, and stuff below. Like above one dial there is post gain, but underneath it there is reverb. It confuses me!

4. Is post-gain just reverb like it says on the amp, or is there something else behind it to give it even more gain?

5. How good is the tuner? If I get that amp, do I still need to get another tuner, or does it function just as well?

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1. Yes, more or less. You're customising that chosen amp model

2. You'll have to save them to the banks, otherwise when you swap back the settings will be on the "standard" for that amp model

3. You press the Effects button, and then you're controlling delay, reverb and the paramaters of the chosen effect that you're using. Press again to go back to EQ

4. Post gain is post gain, that dial controls reverb after you press the Effects button

5. Works good as any typical tuner, if you have a really good tuner though you may as well use that.
1. No. Think of the amp models as regular amps. Green is the 'rhythm' channel, for most amps being the clean channel. Red is the 'lead' channel, namely the distorted channel of the model. Once you're on an amp model you can alter the settings. Pre-gain would control how distorted it gets and post-gain controls how loud it gets. You tweak the EQ to adjust lows, mids, and highs, although having them all at 10 could be a way to increase gain.

2. Has to be saved to a preset as far as I know.

3. Clicking down the effects button enables editing of the parameters of the different effects. The reverb is adjustable as part of the effects parameters.

4. Post-gain, as said before, controls the overall loudness of the amp model.

5. The tuner is pretty good, although somewhat inconvenient to access.
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Okay so if I choose JSX and then mess with the delay and the reverb and put on tube screamer and then turn up the gain and mess with the EQ and stuff, and pretty much completely change it, then I immediately just change it to XXX then the effects change to the XXX standard, then when I change it back to the JSX it goes back to the original JSX and not the JSX that I customized before right?
You need to save with a preset button. Changing the parameters for an amp model doesn't change the default setting for the amp model. It would be nice if it did. Then saving to a preset wouldn't be always necessary.
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You need to save with a preset button. Changing the parameters for an amp model doesn't change the default setting for the amp model. It would be nice if it did. Then saving to a preset wouldn't be always necessary.

Actually on the contrary, I'm glad it doesn't save. I mean, if I wanted to choose an amp model, and I hear the standard sound, and I change it, then when I go back to it later if it stays like the one I edited, then all of the original stuff will be gone. I'm glad it doesn't save, because if I go to different amp models and tweak a bunch of stuff it'll be all changed and messed up IMO.
Simply a matter of preference. I find the defaults usually are usually too loud and/or have too much gain. So it would be nice to have a default button that you could press to set the default for each amp model both red and green. You could have a reset button to recall the factory setting, but I could do without that.

I almost never care for the default. Some people would argue that the presets are for that. But if there is no led display that allows for naming the presets, then the easily way to go directly to a specific setting is by selecting the amp model on the dial.
Can someone tell me how the tuner in the amp works? What does it do, how does it help you tune your guitar?