Anyone listen to this yet?? THere seems to be mixed reactions about it, but I quite like it. So what if it's "derivative" every form of music derivative to some extent.
it has verrrrry simple riffs which annoy me at some points, but the song with 10,000 in the title is a really nice change, most of my friends seem pertty favorable toward it
it kicks their debut in the balls
ST just had stockdale screeching which was fine for some songs but cosmic egg gives you a nice variety
you just witnessed the heart-stopping, door-locking, history makin, pants-droppin, earth-shakin, body quakin, lip-quivering, body-tickilin, love-makin fang
Pretty shitty stuff imo, this band is just proof you don't have to actually write good music to get famous.

I was studying their album the other day, like 3 ****ing tracks have the same exact chord progression. I don't know, i just can't get into them. They try and bring that oldschool sound back but they ****ing suck compared to the bands they try to sound like
I’m a big fan of Wolfmother and I have friends that think that their music is rubbish, but I think that their awesome. I actually like the new album; I don’t think that it is as good as the first though. In Cosmic Egg you get to hear all the influences that Stockdale has. I especially like the song ‘White Feather’ because you can tell that it is influenced by the Rolling Stones’ music.