im looking to start a stoner metal band, the kind of sound of high on fire, sleep, kyuss. i was wondering what kind of techniques to use like tunings, scales, amps, guitars?
Tunings - Low... probably at least C standard.

Scales - blues

Amps - vintage voiced, high gain... laney and marshall work well

Guitars - Les Pauls or SGs with vintage voiced pickups.

Get all of those, get high and listen to old Black Sabbath albums and there you have it.
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Stay THE **** away from active pickups. Stoner bands need a thicker guitar sound, so anything active or too high out-put will have too much treble and brightness.
Tune down low. Sabbath used C#...that should be considered your new standard. Electric Wizard plays in B and Sun0)) (drone I know, but there is some cross over) I think play lower than that.

Blues scale. Learn it, right now, all over the neck. You're gong to be doing a lot of this kind of thing:


A ton of sliding power chords from the VII to the I. Learn to use the tritone to darken up riffs, and how to make clean spacey kind of interludes.

Vintage high gain tube amp. Orange, Marshall, Laney. It will cost you, but the tone is definitely worth it, you cannot skimp out here.

Humbucking guitar, Les Paul or SG are the two favorites, although The Sword uses vintage B.C. Rich guitars to great effects.

Get a wah, phaser, and fuzz pedal. You're going to need them.

Smoke prodigious amounts of weed.
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