I'm looking for a good 80s hair metal lead tone because I really love the sound.

Something along the lines of CC Devile or the lead tone on Aliece Cooper's 'Trash' album?

So what kind of amp settings should I have?

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Really the only way to find the sound you want is to play and become familiar with your amp and how your amp reacts with playing. Finding settings you like is something that is really up to you.
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Lashings of delay and reverb help a lot.
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Chorus (set to low speed and mid on depth), Delay (set to about 300ms), SD-1 (set with volume high and gain low tone at about 9:30) and a JCM800 style amp
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I guess a JCM 800.
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Unfortunately "Good tone" & "CC Deville" should never be in the same sentence unless the word "not" is in there somewhere.

In all seriousness - An Ibanez or Charvel etc. with lots of chorus and a little delay, heaps of compression.
Mids, compression, delay, reverb, distortion.

Those, and lots of them, are '80s hair metal guitar tone.
the pair of DiMarzio D activators in my ibanez does great 80s tone. getchoo some of those.

and, i GUESS a jcm800 couldnt hurt...

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