i have a little hand held tuner and i was wonting to know how i could us it to tune my 5 string bass down to standard c and standard b.also what gauge of string would u recommend for tuning that low
5 string standard is generally BEADG. As for guage at least .125 i'd say
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For B standard you need the G string as an F#, so it's a major 3rd above the D.
Use the heaviest strings you can find. To tune to C and B standard, tune your bass to standard (it'll probably be more accurate this way as a lot of handheld tuners peter out on bass freqs), then drop your E string a whole step to D. Once you have successfully tuned to drop D, tune the rest of your strings to follow suit. Then you will be in D standard, repeat this process to reach C standard. For B standard, tune the low C string one half step down, and then retune your other strings to match. It's simple.