Hey, I imagine pretty much everyone knows his song "Life's Been Good So Far" (or whatever the title actually is) and I was listening to the bridge part stumped. Does any one know how to play and recreate this on guitar?

This is him live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzxF-M2erx8

Check out 3:07 to hear what i'm talking about... that little "water drop" sounding guitar. He doesn't play it live... it is probably the rhythm guitar.
Hmm...A friend of mine had a boss phaser pedal, the green one. I think that could replicate that sound because it could make a lot of crazy, watery/digital sounds. I can't explain really.

I'd recommend asking in a specific forum instead of The Pit though.
A wah operated very slowly maybe?

I'm reporting this so it can be moved

it's a synth
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Ive got an effect on my multi-effects like this.

Its called "Step" search me!
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