Hey guys I've been working on my alternate and sweep picking. Right now I'm working on single string runs and 3 string arpeggios. I usually practice each shape or exercise for 5 minutes. Is this a good way of practicing my alternate/sweep picking? If you have any tips that are helpful that would be cool.
what you should do for alternate picking is start off with single string lines, then go to 2 string lines and 3 string lines ect.

example 1 on A string

A-7-9-10-7-9-10 and this A-10-9-7-10-9-7 and this A 7-9-10-9-7-9-10-9

example 2


and so on
I often practice these short runs...
|-------5-----|    |-8-6-5---5-6-|
|-5-6-8---8-6-|    |-------8-----|

|-------5-----|    |-8-7-5---5-7-|
|-5-7-8---8-7-|    |-------8-----|

|-------5-----|    |-9-7-5---5-7-|
|-5-7-9---9-7-|    |-------9-----|

I use alternate picking, both starting with an up-stroke, and then with a down-stroke (inside + outside picking).
They really helped my transitions from one string to the next by concentrating on just that small collection of notes.

Also, remember to alter them slightly to practice between the 3rd+2nd string.

You can also practice them with string skipping.
|-------5-----|    |-8-7-5---5-7-|
|-------------|    |-------------|
|-5-7-8---8-7-|    |-------8-----|
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I'd say it's alright, but you probably shouldn't linger too long on single strings. Any way is a good way to practice, as long as you don't hurt yourself, and as long as all the notes ring out crystal-clear, with no extra noise.

Try this alternate picking exercise—you can play it down an octave, too.

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ok so i can sweep pick okay but i dont know if my picking thumb needs to be like tilting or waht because i usually just keep my thumb the same angle. I feel that changing my technique now would do me no good but would it be worth it? I keep the pick angled, which makes my thumn angled in turn but i dont change my thumb position much. Im "vouble jointed so keep that in mind too so my thumb can bend 90 deg. both ways. I feel that doing too much thumb movement can possibly decrease playability and speed. Because if you think about, the wrist is better for quick movements that the thumb is in that it doesnt require as much effort. If i change my thumb position after sweeping down and coming back up thats just taking more time and effort. (paul gilberts thumb doesnt move neither)