I am in need of a new acoustic, however I do not really want to spend over $1000 on one. I played my friends $400 Ibanez and thought it was great, but I would like it to be a little better than that. Any suggestions on quality acoustics that are under $1000? The lower the price the better!


two guitars i recommend so much i should put them in my sig line are

seagull original s6 - solid cedar top, great quality build and semi gloss finish, good sound, nice feel. bright but very nice sound, can be tamed by silk and steel strings. i have one, and i love it.

yamaha fg730s - solid spuce top, great build quality and nicely done glossy finish, slender neck. i had one - neck was too slender for me, but is good for some. sound is silvery and focused, very nice.

i played a lot of guitars in every price range and compared them, and i played multiples of all the ones i recommend. also nice are:

seagull coastline mini jumbo - solid top, nice sound and feel.

seagull maritime SWS mini jumbo - all solid wood, not my style of sound but some love it, nice feel.

in fact, you can't go wrong with seagull in my experience. i have 2, and have played many, and they are consistent and have fast replies to customer service emails. i'm not in love with the rosette or finish on the seagull entourage series, but the price rivals the yamaha fg720s and fg730s.

the fg720s is a little cheaper than the fg730s, has a solid top and has a different and slightly smaller body shape, which can be a plus. it's got a nato back and sides, which is only used on cheaper guitars, but imo it delivers the best sound in the below $300 guitars and has a good build and finish.

martin OMC-1E - it's over a grand on musicians friend, but i saw it last month in several guitar centers for around $900. sounds great, feels good, finish is very dry feeling to the fingers, but that's the tradeoff to get this quality sound, the martin name and all solid wood for this price. this might be my pick if i had a grand to spend.

if $700 to $850 is your price range, i'd strongly recommend blueridge. the BR-140, BR-160 and BR-143 have amazing sound quality for the price or at all, and will smoke your friend's ibanez. but if it were me, i'd get the BR-160A for the wider nut and the adirondack top or the BG-160 for the shorter scale (which means less string tension). i've played more than one of each of these, and they are at the top of my list of good sounding guitars in their price range. one thing you have to get past is all the bling on the headstock, but it's a small issue to get that good of sound and all solid wood for under a grand.

check the solid body blueridges here http://www.maurysmusic.com/blueridge_solid_body_guitars?b=1
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With that budget you can be real fussy, but take your time and have fun doing the shopping