So awhile ago I got this Rhoads V knock off for really cheap.

I'm currently working on the pain in the ass floyd, but the only thing that truly gets on my nerves is horrid access to the high frets, as shown:

I was wondering if I could chip away part of the body so the joint doesn't stick out so far, I have to wrap my entire hand around the body to hit the 17+ frets.

Also, I was wondering if I could make cutaway like an Alexi model

would have the cutaway like this

I can get my dad to do all of this, but I'm just curious if I can do all of this without wrecking the guitar. If this isn't a good idea, im gettin rid of it for something better.
I'd do the rough cut with a saw and then sand/file/rasp it down to the final shape, then after that refinish it. Be careful about removing too much material though. I would leave at least about a quarter to half an inch of material left on the sides of the neck.
If I were you, I would just sand it smooth and then put a tung oil finish in that spot (if you're considering this I'll be more detailed with this process). It would either look out of place or possibly kind of cool. It would be a lot easier then priming, coloring, and clear coating it, then having to worry about it being level, being the same color, and being as shiny as the surrounding areas.
My idea is kind of outlandish though.
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^Thanks. I'll look into it. If I go with it, I'll pm you so I can get more details.
looks like the neck pocket could do with a few MM routed out of it.
Tbh, sand it all off and make a little project out of it if you think it's worth the effort. Can refinish it however you want then
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I never check my inbox so I'll just post it here. It's pretty simple. Go to the hardware store and get a tung oil finish (I used Formby's high gloss).
Sand to 220. (PROGRESSIVELY FROM 80 UP! Each time you move up in grits, be sure to remove all the scratches from the previous grit.)
Apply oil (a rag will do) and wait a few minutes, then wipe the excess away. Then wait a few minutes before the next step.
Sand to 400
more oil (do the same with wiping excess and waiting)
sand to 600
oil (again with wiping and waiting)
rub with steel wool (the finest kind you can get), but not too much.
Then you're done. It feels similar to plain wood but it's smoother.
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