Hello UG,

I'm in a videogame development course and our final project is to design, program, and produce our own video game in OpenGL. Something basic, you know it's not going to be the next Portal or anything, but it's basically going to be similar to oldschool Wolfenstein 3D.

So anyway me and my partner have an easy set up for creating levels, have first person capabilities, with controls "wasd" to move and the mouse to look around.

Here's where you come in:

What would you guys like to see as a plot in our game? We were originally thinking a dark/scary/mystery atmosphere like a mixture of Myst, Resident Evil (as far as creepy mansion environment), and Wolf 3D.

We aren't planning to have enemies at this rate, seeing how that would require a ton more programming, although if we have enough time we'd like to throw some zombies or robots in to fight.

What would you like to see? I will post the game for all to play eventually and any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.
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what kinda game has no enemies??? boring.... i vote zombies
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Something like Nazi Zombies.

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Just make a copy of wolfenstein 3D and call it Elephanstein 3D.

EDIT : there actually are nazi zombies in wolfenstein.
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Here's the plot.

You're asked to join a video programming course, so naturally you do. Then your teacher (give her the name of your actual teacher), is actually a ****ing demon sent by the devil to make you create him some very bad games (they have bad internet connection in hell).

Work from that on
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I always thought an FPS set in an insane asylum would be interesting, you would have to come up with the plot, but it's a start. Sounds like you have very limited technology though, whereas the idea I have in mind would be more a long the lines of something designed in Valve's source engine.
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