Hey guys I'm in a band and we want to start using an Acoustic guitar in several songs, but the whole thing resonates whenever the drummer hits a tom or bass drum.. It pretty much makes the acoustic unplayable. I assume this is a common problem and there is a very simple fix.

P.S. Sorry if this is a common problem, I had no idea how to word the forum search.
use a PA would be my bet, but Ive got the same problem in my band, we had to start using my electric drums.
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eqing helps, too. Since you said it feeds back whenever the drummer hits a tom or the bass drum you're likely getting bass frequency feedback. Also, are you using a PA or an amp for your acoustic? electric or acoustic amp? If you're using an electric amp then that's your problem.

If you're using a PA then get a Direct Box/Pre-amp like the LR Baggs PADI or the Fishman Pro Platinum EQ. both of these units have feedback reduction controls like notch filter and phase inversion.

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Becareful those feedback busters can **** up the sound hole real quick, as I learned the hard way on my Ibanez