I'm looking into buying my first proper amp, not necessarily a tube one, once I can scrape some money together. I'd love to keep the price below or around £500 but will go to about £700 at a push. I play all kinds of Rock music, Punk, Prog, Metal, Modern, Classic et al. Something that can dabble in everything. I am a bit of a gain-***** (can't stand Peavey Classic's) so something beefy would be nice. Very willing to go SS (reconsidered a Bugera 6262 and a Framus 212 after gigging with a very nice Flextone) and used is an option but really not preferred.

Please help me out if you can.
If you push that budget a tiny bit, you could get an ENGL Screamer combo (I'm in Australia so I'm going by Thomann prices, you could probably get one used for less than that)
EDIT: The Screamer is a 1x12 though
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I looked it up, have no experience with Engl's so I can't really tell whether it's my thing. But, either way, it only comes as a 1x12 so it's not quite what i'm looking for.
Ok, but it is a fairly versatile amp, and high quality too. Plus if you mic your amp when you gig there will be practically no difference between a 1x12 and 2x12. Have a look on Youtube for some demos, but if you're set on a 2x12...
I dunno man, a 2x12 just feels right. I'll look up some demo's when I get on a PC where the sound card isn't blown. Any love for the Flextone? When I gigged with one on Saturday I didn't get to muck around with it as it was bought in last minute to replace a Fender Twin (as much as I love it, it couldn't pull out a tone for half the bands that were using it). I only used it's Rec preset but all sounded good with minimal EQing. Plus, I assume if every model can be made to sound that good then it's a pretty versatile little thing.
The Flextone is great too, definitely versatile. A few people here have or have had one, maybe they'll have some input (I've never used one but I've only heard good things)