Here's a song I've been working on. With lyrics but NOT quite DONE yet. I need to write the solo still, finding a good rhythm to go with it is the hardest part for me.

Please, give me an honest critique. I will give an honest one back. "Good song" does not count as a C4C post, so please don't be angry if I don't respond crit your song for a post like that.

A little bit into the lyrics.
There's a story about this guy going into a church and basically telling everyone that even though you say you are good and truely believe it, doesnt mean you're going to heaven. He states all sins we do without even noticing and that you're more likely to go to hell than to go to Heaven. The Furnace of Wrath is the fires of hell, and wrath being god's punishment.

Hey man

I think as a whole it was a pretty solid effort. My biggest problem with it came in two parts:

1. Its very repetative. Even with vocals it would still be somewhat painful to get through. I would consider writing a solo in, as well as another rhythmic riff. Maybe even write some more interesting leads on the second guitar to go over the rhythm.

2. The chord progressions in a lot of it feel very over used. This is for better and for worse. It is very accessible, but almost too accessible.

Now, I found the usage of the melodic riff very great. It fit the song perfectly and added a different color to the canvas. A lot of the time thrash metal is just a bunch of wanking and randomized chords, but that part really made the song have some more purpose. I am actually tempted to say you should consider writing some violins or cellos in to very lightly accentuate some of the parts. I think it would fit the theme of the music, and make the piece more interesting as a whole. I would also consider an organ of some sort in there as well, even just as an intro to kind of give the feeling of walking into the church. Maybe thats just me, but I really like to experience music instead of stick to norms.

I hope that will help you out a bit. Like I said, its a pretty good piece but some reworking is needed.

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Alright. You're song is like a typical inner city sky scraper; it's structurally sound, somewhat tall and epic, and streamlined for a certain purpose. The problem is that there's not really much to differentiate it from other sky scrapers.
I'm not really sure what you could do, as it's already been erected, and tearing it down would be a pain in the ass.

IMO, the best way is to place that solo towards the end. Go with something simple, but powerful. If it's wank, you're song will tank.
Sorry, cheesy line that I had to type off the top of my mind.
The semitone movements of the powerchords are a little too typical of thrash, although it does happen to be a defining characteristic.
Since you're bordering on the divide between death/thrash, I would go with some trem picked riffs, a little more bass drum hits, and some more discordant powerchord movements (think tritones and minor 3rds).
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Nice riff, this melodic one. I particularly liked the thirds you added for a second guitar. Some serious panning would help to make all instruments more audible and whole piece more pleasant to listen to. As Ulalume said before, using already million-times-played riffs is not really good. It's somehow chaotic and needs some rearranging, but it could be just my fetish for markers.

Crit mine, maybe? (Piece 93.)