I want to start learning celtic music on the guitar, but I have no idea where to start to look for celtic music. I'm also doubtful that there will be any tabs for celtic music. Can anyone help me out?
there are some bands that i like that are new bands. flogging molly is one of my favorites. they use many instruments, so guitar isn't a big focus but some song have some great guitar stuff
Cruchaun. Which I probably spelled wrong. Still, awesome band. Celtic metal. Sort of.

Also Celtic Storm (more typical) and if you like fingerstyle guitar, try out the Kirsten Blodig and Ian Melrose record Kelpie. You'll probably have to order it - it's a weirdo. Their cover of the Ian Anderson song Kelpie is one of my favourite covers ever, and my version of their version is sort of my 'signature' song at open mics.