So for Christmas I'm looking into buying a new amp. I've decided the amps I'm most interested in are the Vox AC30 and Orange Dual Terror (A bit different I know). While researching the Vox AC30 I learned plenty, but the information about the dual Terror leaves something to be desired, and so I have the following questions:

-I understand that it has a great sounding distortion/overdrive of its own, but I have a fuzz factory and a Steven Distortion. How does the Dual Terror react to fuzz / distortion pedals?

-Does the amp need to be loud to get that great orange tone?

-I also was under the impression that Orange amps were made in Britain, does this hold true for the Dual terror?

Thanks in advance!
Well i can answer one of those.

Orange amps are made in Britain WITH the exception of the Tiny and Dual Terrors. Well, tiny for sure, dual with assumptions.
I have the Tiny Terror. It's phenominal. But now I want this

It takes stompboxes okay, but it works better if you use the stompbox to boost, rather than to do all the shaping. I have a Soldano emulator pedal that I use for really high gain. I find it works best if I set the amp to be just a little overdriven, and use the guitar's volume knob to clean it up. Then I use the pedal at about 10 o'clock gain, and they work great together. If I use the Terror clean and the pedal super gainy, it tends to sound a little worse to my ears. Both going a little hot though, I get fantastic tones for Sabbath, Maiden, etc.
i wouldnt think itd have to be too loud for decent tone due to its variable wattage
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