Hey, having problems with my fine tuners the one for the High E is so stiff that you can't even turn it with your hands, but when it gets below the other ones it turns just fine, and way to solve this issue cause it's getting really annoying...
Take off your strings and use a pair of pliers to work it back and forth as much as you can until it loosens up, and apply some lubricant. There are some guitar-specific lubes, or you can use vaseline etc.
are you saying that it's so wound up tight that it can't go anymore in that same direction? if so, then just loosen your locking nut for the high E, then put the fine tuner back to the middle of its range, then tune with the peg

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No, when it's even with the B string one the knobs got jagged edges kinda you know, and the E string one gets caught on the B string one and it won't turn I think it's crooked or something.