So basically, my band asked me to do falsetto back-up vocals, as I could do them comparable to Claudio Sanchez a few months ago. I haven't done them for a few months majorly, and when I tried them today, I could get somewhat high, but not back to my original pitch. Any tips on how to get this higher pitch? I went through puberty before starting to do falsetto vocals, so its not that if you're wondering.

Any help is really apprectiated!
try to learn how to sing Passion Pit and Bon Iver songs. If that doesn't do it, then i dont know what will.

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The resonant frequency of the clitoris is too low for the guitar players to take care of.

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

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Start singing Mariah Carey, one of the higher female singers out there. The only reason you lost it was lack of use. It's like not playing guitar for a few months: You get back to it and realize you're not as good. It comes back quickly, though. Just practice.