I searched and searched and couldn't find an answer so please, do your thing...

So in my band, I'm the one guy who's not so good at recording but now, while they are trying to teach me, I want to be proactive and be uber helpful.

Long story short, our drummer has destroyed his arm and can't play drums for perhaps up to 3 months. Excellent timing though, we're experimenting with samples and so for gigs we'll just use some exciting drum loops while he bands a snare with his left hand and looks sheepish.

My question is regarding MIDI editing on Logic 8. If I create a multi-layered MIDI file on another program (say PowerTab Editor) and open that MIDI file in Logic, will I be able to manipulate that file in Logic with the stock Logic sample sounds? And will the layers place themselves into seperate tracks or will they be just the one potentially uneditable file?

Thanks for the help.
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Yeah, I use GP5, but I'm sure Power Tab is the same way. You can export the midi data from Power Tab, then import that file into Logic. Logic will create as many tracks as you had in the Power Tab file, and might assign some random instruments to some of the tracks, but you can just take the midi regions and move them into their own tracks and put whatever instruments you want onto them. They'll all be totally edit-able within Logic, too.
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