I want buy one modern sound amp below 30w, Would you mind giving me some advices.Thnaks
peavey vypyr modeling amps. they model mesa boogies, krank, peavey, JSX amp, and other stuff. u should definitley try it out.
Yea, usually 50 and up is with modern voicing. Sometimes 40 watts depending on the company.
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Well, I dunno exactly what you mean by modern, or what your budget is, but until you answer the questions above:
low budget: Bugera 6260
mid budget: Peavey 6505/6505+/Used Mesa Single Recto/Used Mesa Rect-O-Verb
high budget: Mesa Single Recto/Rect-O-Verb

But as I said, different people have different definitions of 'Modern'.
I'd definitely recommend the Peavey Vypyr series. I love Peavey amps, they're built like tanks and sound AWESOME - the only model that slightly dissapointed me on it was the JSX model - but then again, I own the actual JSX, so playing that model in a solid state amp probably accounts for that lost mojo.

Peavey is also making Vypyrs with tube power amps - I'd definitely recommend those if your budget allows it.