ok, so i was suggested to buy a new amp... but all i want is an amp that has a really good clean channel. i never really cared for the overdrive channel for example on some amps. so, what would be the best, clean only, head or half stack?
fender twin reverbs are amazing but expensive
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Depends on what kind of clean you want.


And give us a budget too.
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any price would do, i kinda want a warm clean tone but im not sure. Im sure i can use an EQ to change it though right?
You'd better off buying an amp that has both a good clean and od channel and not use only pedals for your distrotion.
A Traynor YCV 40 fits that description
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Would you EVER be using distortion?

Fenders can be quite amazing for clean sounds.
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I just want is a clean amp where i would only be using the clean channel. yes i would use distortion/OD.... etc i have all that on my pedal board. i dont ever use the OD channel on my amp or the high gain channel... just an amp head would be nice so i can add it to my cabinets.
The Roland Jazz Chorus is a great clean amp...and actually has a decent OD channel too (most people will disagree with me...or have never used it...or both)...but the VOX AC30 has great cleans too.
sounds great! but will it make a difference if i use one of these heads on a 120 watt cab?