Let's check your memory.. What were some obscure hits (in rock) from 2000 to the present day? Anything from Bowling for Soup's "1985", The Von Bondies "C'mon C'mon", to "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D., let's see what you can remember from MTV's 2003 Rock Countdown
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So nostalgic? Wait 5 more years bro then make this thread

5 years from now no one will remember these songs, plus this decade has come to an end so I figured it was enough time
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Stacy's Mom? I guess everyone knows that one, though.

Beverly Hills by Weezer?
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Like hits people have forgotten about but still know the song when it comes up

Oh gotcha. What band is your avatar by, btw?
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Stacy's Mom? I guess everyone knows that one, though.

thats a good song
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I'm blue, dabah-dee daba-day... Numa-Numa-yey... Wait, in rock? I don't know any obscure rock
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